We have broadcasted some of the biggest gaming events including CEO, EVO, Combo Breaker, Super Smash Con, and many more. We are available for white label work or streaming your event on our channel to broaden your reach.


We've run some of the biggest events in the country including CEO and Dreamhack (Anaheim, Dallas, Montreal, Atlanta). Our team can do it all from registration, scheduling, bracket management, and more.

from the community

Thanks for the hard work in TNS. I hope that you will keep organizing tourneys like this.
Jethro Bonito
via YouTube
I'm pretty sure TNS is my favorite FG tournament channel. Y'all have tourneys in all my favorite games consistently
via YouTube
I really enjoy the Tampa never sleeps weekly for DNF Duel and Guilty Gear Strive! @KingJobber and @Yaysian also give great commentary! Thanks for giving me something to enjoy when I’m going through medical stuff!
via Twitter

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